Few days ago I started to plan ahead. Where should l go? What should I definitely visit? You know the MoSCoW methode.. basically that’s what I had applied. So on the first day I would go to Ayutthaya which is 1,5 hour with the bus from Bangkok. Howere I didn’t expect to spend like 2… Read More

I am super excited, because I am going on a backpack trip for a month. I will start in Bangkok. I will be spending my first week in Thailand,  in Bangkok for 2/3 days then move on to Chiang Mai for four days. I am excited because it’s my first far-away- from home trip and I… Read More

The beautiful Seoraksan.  I heard about that you should see sun rise at Seoraksan mountain because it is really, beautiful.  So, I decided that I would see the sun rise at Seoraksan. Last Friday I left Incheon from Seoraksan national park and spend a night there so that I could wake up early and climb one… Read More

In the last weeks I have been going to Seoul with local and exchange students. The local students came along for fun but also to guide us to various temples and palaces in Seoul and near Seoul. For example the famous Gyeongbokgung Palac, Bukchon Hanok Village, Namsangol Hanok Village, N Seoul Tower, Han river and many… Read More

My first official holiday in Korea was Mid-Autumn festival (Chuseok). I went to Busan with few of my international friends to Busan for Chuseok. We left Wednesday with touring bus from Juan station to Busan. The Korean friends warned me that it would be a long ride. Basically everyone was trying to get to their family… Read More

After a wonderful week of holiday in Jeju island it was time for fresh start at my new university. I had my first lecture (business strategy) on Monday at 1:30. The first lecture was nothing exciting. It was basically the introduction to the course. The professor introduced himself to us and explained to us that the lectures… Read More

In my second day in Korea I met a English speaking Korean guy around my age. We became friends because he wanted to practice his English speaking. I asked him where should I go as a foreigner or where do Koreans go to for holiday within Korea. He said you should go to Jeju island.… Read More

Hey everyone, I want to share the pictures I took during my trip to Incheon international Airport. I left my house with my lovely sister and a friend. They made sure that the ride to Dusseldorf airport was amazing and memorable. So I took few pictures in the car.         Later I took… Read More

Hi everyone, I wanted to show my room. This is the place where I will be staying. Its actually 10-15 minutes walk distances from INHA university. It could be closer but the university has a huge wall around its perimeter so I need to walk around to one of the gates. It is fairly small… Read More